Podcasts with some of our favourite writers, photographers and creative souls.


Miggy Angel


An interview with the inimitable, Miggy Angel. Talking all things poetry, his new album in collaboration with John Freer and his upcoming book, Extreme Violets, that will be published in early 2018 by Hi Vis Press (Us!).

Recorded 7th May 2017.

The featured tracks are taken from the We Bleed Ink album, Gentrified Times. To listen to the album in full and to purchase, go to: https://webleedink.bandcamp.com/

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Twitter and Instargam: @miggyangelpoet

Dean Lilleyman


An interview with Dean Lilleyman, author of Billy and the Devil and The Gospel According to Johnny Bender. In this podcast we talk writing, making and life. Billy and the Devil will be rereleased in the coming months by Hi Vis Press.

Recorded July 2017.

All readings are taken from Billy and the Devil. The songs also feature Beth Aveyard and are part of their new musical adventure: Kootch.

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Twitter: @deanlilleyman