Pure Land


Pure Land gives you an insight into peace and tranquillity through photography and Maitreya, the owner’s, own haiku poetry. A garden made from donated plants and recycled materials, with a mixture of European and Japanese plants there is a perfect fusion between the East and West.

Hearing nothing but the trees rustling, once you step into Pure Land you become immersed in silence. In the middle of rural Nottinghamshire lies a garden designed to give peaceful inspiration to all who visit. An outbuilding of the farmhouse centre holds a home for the world’s first crystal garden.

Pure Land offers an antidote to the chaos of everyday life. An escape into nature; it’s beauty is within its simplicity. 

Printed by Dizzy Ink, Nottingham. A beautiful laser printed photobook, which is contained within a risograph front and back cover, Japanese bound. Inside you can find risograph printed Japanese haiku poetry accompanied by an English translation; written by Maitreya himself. These accompany film photographs which were taken around the Pure Land Meditation Centre and Japanese Gardens.

All photography taken on 35mm, 400 Lomography film.