Call for submissions

Low Light Magazine wants your authentic voices. Real people. Real writing. No bullshit. Your unique visions, revelations; your gobshite symphonies.

Dig deep. Go find. Go talk. Your words should carry reality inside them; time, place, substance. Lost dog journalism. Vagabond stories. Concrete pictures.

Content in harmony with form. Say it as you see it, don’t be scared. All realities heard & considered.

Low Light will be a guiding force in literature. Every town and city has its ‘scenes’, its own ‘happening’ and we’re here to join the dots, cut out the bullshit & the cliques, and bring it all together.

POEMS - 3 or less.

Experimental in form is not discouraged but poems need to be grounded in some form of reality. They need to speak truths, ideas, perceptions in both content and form.

PROSE - flash fiction, short stories.

No set word limit. Short or long, content is key.

JOURNALISM - interesting pieces, interviews, real people.

Photography/illustration accompaniments are preferable. Again, we want to see the areas of life that are often left to obscurity. Gonzo meets Mayhew. Feel free to pitch ideas.

PHOTOGRAPHY - short series or snippets of larger projects

We encourage short collections of images (up to 5) of the world we live in; the people, the places and the poetic qualities of everyday existence. Writing either fiction or non fiction is encouraged to accompany your images, but it is not essential.


In an ideal world we would pay all contributors. However, at the moment we cannot. We receive no funding, grants etc. (and will never ask for it) and we do not get paid. All money from sales of books goes straight back into making more books. Instead, we offer a prize fund:

£30 - for best photography / journalism contribution.

£30 - for best prose / poetry contribution.

Free contributor copies.

No submission fee.

We also offer a 40% discount on all publications to contributors whilst submission windows are open, so you can get a feel for what we’re all about. Use code LOWLIGHTSUB in our onine shop.

All submissions emailed to: Contact(at)hi-vispress(dot)com

Please include the submission type in the subject and a website or social media handle in your email (if you wish to do so). This will be printed in the mag so people can contact you.

Submissions close: 28th May 2019.

Advertisements considered. BUT must have similar ethos and be of interest to the readership.