What We're Up To

Just a little heads up to what we’ve got in the pipeline. We may seem quiet on the surface but there’s a lot going off behind the scenes that will be coming to fruition very soon.

We’ve had to take a step back to evaluate the direction of the publishing house and to get a lot of things ready for a big ‘re-launch’ in September. The first new development that we decided upon was to launch an annual/biannual (yet to be decided) magazine named Low Light. The name not only fits nicely as a progression under the Hi Vis banner but it also implicitly encapsulates what we’re all about. Low Light brings to mind the seedier aspects, the darkness and the things that mainstream media tends to skip over. The magazine is a way of letting people know who we are and what we stand for whilst also bringing people together, showing you writers and photographers that you may otherwise not have come across. We met a LOT of fantastic artists of different mediums through our last project, Hand Job Zine, and it seemed a shame to cut ourselves off and not accept submissions. Basically, we couldn’t do it. Once you’ve made a mag/zine you’re hooked.

We’ve had some amazing submissions so far and are still open until the 1st of June, so you’ve still got chance to get your work in (depending on when you’re reading this). We wanted to start trying to pay people properly to show how much we value their art, so the cash prizes on offer are a step in this direction.

Alongside the submissions, we’ve got some amazing features too; we’ve got interviews with Jenni Fegan, Jim Mortram, a piece on the legacy of Blackheath Books, work taken from the Disappear Here project and more. We will be forking out for a big print run with this mag and getting it out here, there and everywhere. The idea is to have the feel and passion of a zine in the mag format and to be the place that brings all of the exciting happenings together.

To be launched alongside the magazine we are reprinting the now out-of-print classic Billy and the Devil by Dean Lilleyman. We’re ecstatic to be able to publish this book as it is a true modern day masterpiece that has been far too overlooked and we feel that the way that we’re treating the text will bring it into the hands of the people who will truly respect the novel for what it is. The novel will feature previously unpublished chapters that were edited out by the last publisher and has been revamped by Dean in a style that is more fitting for the content and expands upon the true poetic quality of the writing. It is a very exciting opportunity. Dean isn’t a careerist writer, he just wants it done right and having worked closely with Dean in the past he thought that we were the publishers that could truly do this. There will be a launch for this and the mag in Nottingham in early September. Those of you who have been to the Hand Job nights, expect the same vibe but BIGGER.

Then, to continue with the idea of uniting people, as with the magazine, we will be featuring online podcasts once every two months with writers and poets (and hopefully photographers further on) whose work we are passionate about. These podcast will aim to help you get to know the writers and their work, being intersected with readings, live performances and performances with musical accompaniments.

The only other area after this is the blog that you are reading on at this moment. Here we will have smaller features, reviews and questions around areas of literature to see what other people think. We tend to stand back from discussing why/how we write. If you’re anything like me, it’s not something that you can just have a chat about with your mates down the pub so it’ll be nice to have a space where this can happen. Plus, we’re open to guest blog posts for anyone who is interested but, to make it clear, we do not want poetry or prose for this, more opinion pieces on literature.

So, that’s it! I hope that as many of you get involved as possible and onwards to the future of Hi Vis Press!