Low Light Magazine



Low Light is officially out at the printers and we’re really excited to let you all in on what we’ve become so familiar with. At times when you work on something for so long, you start to forget that other people might not have a clue what’s in store, so it’s important to let it all out there. The proof copy we received needed a few minor adjustments but, all in all, it looks great and the content really is of the highest quality that you will see and read.

The two main featured interviews that we have are with two fantastic artists in their own fields. First, we have the novelist, Jenni Fagan, whose last two works, The Panopticon and The Sunlight Pilgrims, are both beyond most other contemporary works. She works in a variety of other creative mediums and her recent short film is an example of how far her creative talents go beyond the written word.

The other feature is with photographer, Jim Mortram, whose series, Small Town Inertia, has just been published by Bluecoat Press and has recently been longlisted for the Deutsche Börse Foundation Photography Prize 2018. The series focuses on the people in Jim’s community that have been left behind by austerity and it really needs to be seen so that you can truly appreciate the importance of his images in today's Britain. He talks us through the process of making these images with his subjects and what motivates him to do so.


Later on in the mag, we have a piece created by Adam Steiner as a part of his Disappear Here project. The project all revolves around the Coventry Ring Road and you can find video artist/poet collaborations online as a part of this series.

Martin Appleby of Paper and Ink Zine gives us a roundup of some of the zines that are available for anyone out there who’s not yet found the joys that litzines bring to the world of literature.

The rest of the writers and photographers are listed below but special mention has to go out to the two prize winners.

Brenda Birenbaum won the best prose/poetry submission with her piece, Obituary, that delves into what was left behind from a life that may have been better off not lived in a beautifully composed narrative that spirals around inside your head with vivid ferocity.

Jamie Sinclair won the best photography/journalism submission with a documentary series focusing on the effects of hoarding, with Brendan, a compulsive hoarder, who he has become friends with, photographed and helped throughout their time spent together. The beautifully written piece and expertly composed images give an insight into the mind of a hoarder whilst treating his subject with respect.

Also, Alex Brown’s stunning image features on the front and back covers as well as having a photography collection that is tied together by a beautiful piece of his own prose. He posts his images online under the title A Routine Search.

We were humbled by the amount of submissions and the quality of those received. Each submission that made it into the mag blown us away and we truly belive that, because of this, Low Light has the highest quality literature of any print magazine. Contributors are:


  • Annegham Wall
  • Raif Mansell
  • Paula Chatterjee
  • Hannah Whitlow
  • Hannah Bradbridge-Jackson
  • Amber Agha
  • Gareth Culshaw
  • Florence Lenears
  • Christopher Iacono


  • Jamie Thrasivoulou
  • Joseph Ridgwell
  • Brenda Birenbaum
  • Rob True
  • Terence Corless
  • A.G Kayman
  • Ian Cusack
  • Sarah Evans

Photography and photographic journalism

  • Nieves Mingueza
  • Jack Fleming
  • Alex Brown
  • Ewan Waddell
  • Chris Ward
  • Jamie Sinclair
  • Jason Jackson

The mag will be available to pre-order in the coming weeks directly from our site and afterwards it will be available from independent shops throughout the UK and at the events that we are currently organising. There will be a big party at The Chameleon Arts Café in Nottingham on the 4th of November where you will also be able to purchase Billy and the Devil, the stunning debut novel by Dean Lilleyman. It’ll be an amazing night as anyone who has been to the Hand Job Zine parties that we previously organised will be able to vouch for. We have a packed out line-up of readers, with open mic spaces available to be drawn by raffle numbers, a rapper, punk band, DJs and much more to be revealed. The poster and line-up will be released very soon but I can assure you there are some of the finest voices from the literary underground circuit booked.

See you there and keep and eye out for the mag in shops near you!