SEPT 23rd - When Makers Meet under Moonlight


It's already been leaked. The words is out so I thought I'd share the email that went out with all of you. Get in contact if you want to be involved.


Hello everyone!

As you all know, we’re going to be launching a new magazine called Low Light and we will be putting together the usual raucous shindig in Notts city centre soon but we also wondered how we could do things differently. You know us, like to stay one step ahead of the game. So, we thought we would put on this special do, involving everyone who has been a part of the journey so far. Read ahead and become excited…

There will be a happenin’ happenin’! A woodland scene, a group of creatives with addled minds, tents, tinnies, music and a uniting of kindred spirits who want to celebrate a life of non-conformity and making things with no regard to the mundane establishments who try to tell us what our art should be. Our own scene. Hi Vis Pres is a part of this, but it is more. It is you reading this, it is that niggling in your soul that knows that there is something missing and this is where you will find it. Bonds are to be formed. Arts to have platforms crossed. You are a writer, musician, photographer, print maker, painter, collage artist, graffiti renegade, we are all a mixed media mafia waiting to be born. The only real art comes from outside. Outside comfort zones, rules, boundaries and wanders, of its own accord, with a voice of truth that reverberates the waves of the skies above our hearts. This is our chance to do something special.

The date is September 23rd. The location will be revealed closer to the date (let me know to let you know). All we can say is that it's easily accessible from Newstead Village train station. A car park at the bottom, and a few of us will be doing car runs to help get people closer to the spot. A pub is also nearby that can be used as a meeting point.

Bring your soul. Bring a tent and your chosen poison. If you’re reading this then you’re in the know. Feel free to pass this on to kindred spirits who will also feel the call in their bones. This is a collective effort; if you can provide any equipment to aid this night then please let us know (Sound systems, generators, torches, gazebos, whatever you can think of that we can power in the sticks, etc.). We need all that we can get our hands on. As well as equipment, bring instruments, words, dogs, cats and rabbits' feet. It’s an informal sharing of feelings, ideologies and prospects.

Let’s get the ball rolling. This is in its infancy but can be something really special if we all pull together. Tell yer friends. There's gonna be no posters or anything for this, pure word of mouth magic.


Hi Vis Press

Photography by  Sophie Pitchford.

Photography by Sophie Pitchford.