BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Extreme Violets by Miggy Angel


'I crawled on my hands and knees

for a thousand years over broken glass

and molten concrete streets

just to tell you a poem.'


These are the first words you read when you innocently click onto Miggy Angel’s blog. Vivid, visceral, yet with the shamanic and ethereal all woven into one. Anyone who has met Miggy Angel will understand that these words are not merely hyperbolic, they are more the poetic expressions of a truth that lies in the heart of a man who has an almost omniscient wisdom that is beyond the grasp of everyone else; no-one has lived through the poetry that Miggy has. In our podcast (to be uploaded to the site soon) Miggy imagines himself as a Shaman and talks about how a poem is merely a vessel for poetry, the thing it portrays being the poetry itself. When I talk to Miggy, I often feel like I’m talking to an ancient philosopher who has been slung into the modern world and is too often overlooked because of the fast paced nature of the world today. However, once you’ve met the man, you never forget him.


I didn’t encounter Miggy and learn to love his words over time. It was more instant than that. I happened upon his poetry collection, Grime Kerbstone Psalms, in Ideas on Paper in Nottingham and was instantly enticed by the images inside. I got it home and read it from cover to cover in awe at the words, he managed to mould words in a way that I had never read before. It was stark yet elaborate, brutal yet beautiful, it was truly grounded in a reality yet also having a dream like quality that carried you through in twist and turns. I had to meet this poet, so I emailed him and we organised to meet in the Alley Bar in Nottingham at one of his readings. It was a funny first encounter as I had forgot to tell him my name; all he knew about me was that I was producing Hand Job Zine at the time and later Miggy told me that he had been walking around asking for ‘the bloke who sells Hand Jobs’. Since this meeting we have remained close friends and I have been in awe of every piece of writing that I have read/heard since.

Miggy delivered the Extreme Violets collection, printed and bound like the true professional that he is, no Word/PDF document and everyone at Hi Vis devoured it in one sitting. It is a very dark collection of poetry that dumbfounds the reader. It ranges from sounding prophetic and biblical to the purely guttural beauty that travels past the consciousness to form a subconscious connection that only the purest of art can.

We will be releasing this collection in early 2018 and we will not be rushing it. The words are timeless and, as such, we need to treat them with the respect and dignity that only time can provide, to ensure that the presentation of them is as complementary as possible. This is an extremely exciting collection to have the pleasure of publishing and I am doubtless that it will be lorded as one of the finest collections of poetry of our generation.

You can find more about the inimitable character that is Miggy Angel on his website and if you ever get the chance to catch him reading live then don’t miss it. He has lived such a life and can impart such wisdom that I never turn down an opportunity to meet up with him. The other way to get a feel for what this man is about, is to listen to the stunning new album Gentrified Times that he has released in collaboration with the brilliantly talented John Freer under the name We Bleed Ink. There are still a few copies of Grime Kerbstone Psalms floating about so please contact Miggy directly to get your hands on a copy. He is also the founder/editor at Burning House Press who have recently released their first mag The Arsonist, a beautiful collection of poetry, stories and photography. NOT ONLY THIS, (he's a busy man!) he hosts Speech Therapy, which is the most inclusive spoken word/open mic night on the planet, at The Chameleon Arts Cafe in Notts on the fourth Thursday of every month.