Sapeur Förlag on Independent Publishing in Sweden

It is time for us to do better

It is strange, the simplest questions are so often the hardest to answer. I was asked by Hi Vis Press to write about Sapeur – the small book publishing company I set up with a friend almost two years ago, and that I am now the editor of. Why do we do what we do? It is a valid question, and I see why I am the most qualified person to provide an answer. But still, the best answer I can give, is simply that most of the time I just don’t know.

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Low Light Magazine

Low Light is officially out at the printers and we’re really excited to let you all in on what we’ve become so familiar with. At times when you work on something for so long, you start to forget that other people might not have a clue what’s in store, so it’s important to let it all out there.

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