The Hand Job Zine Anthology showcases some of the finest writers from the past ten issues of the inimitable Hand Job Literary Zine. All new, never seen before works from 13 writers brought together in a unique publication.

Hand Job has never been your standard publication. Priding itself on itswriters from the literary gutters and ‘the feral fields of Britain’, the voices are often stark but always honest. The zines has grown from a cut and paste home-printer job to a quick selling risographed phenomenon. Often pushing themselves within their format from pull-outs to CDs as well as hosting the wildly raucous launch parties that are infamous for being like no other literature event out there. This is your last chance to be a part of the happening.

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Ranging from fully fledged writers of a transgressive slant, such as Miggy Angel, Joseph Ridgwell and Dean Lilleyman, to unpublished writers of equal talent who deserve to be heard. This is a smorgasbord of highly differing writers that will make you laugh, think and sometimes be disgusted yet always reveal what is often overlooked. Publication of these writers is vital in today’s cultural climate. It will lead you to the voices of the future and I guarantee you will read it again and again.

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The publication is a unique size, measuring just under A4, which is nice to hold in your hands. It is Swiss bound with a rap around cover, held together with through-hole paper fasteners. There are beautiful bookmark inserts for each writer to keep you on track and to use again and again. Each one of these bookmarks features the writers accompanying artwork. Towards the close of the book, a tracing paper insert is included to add that extra level of uniqueness, mixing image and text as one. The whole publication is a mixture of laser printing and risograph that helps to emphasise the quality of the photography.