Hi Vis Press is a new publisher specialising in literature and photography.

A lot of important voices and perspectives are often overlooked in today’s society and, as a publisher, we have taken it upon ourselves to give these their place in the world. We publish the offbeat, the idiosyncratic, the challenging, the humorous, the transgressive, the subversive. The publications that will be looked back upon as part of our history and that reflect strongly upon a certain time and place.

Our ethic is one of community. We work with selected writers and photographers to build their vision of how they would like their work to be presented. We see publishing, not as a tool to put something out, but as an extension of the art-form and for that reason we spend a lot of time working out what we want it to communicate. Everyone is aware that a more tactile publication, which has been produced with thought and insight, is a more fulfilling product to hold in your hand yet publishers constantly produce bland books with little thought of the joys of this medium when taken as its own art.

2017 is going to be a big year for us. It has brought about our first publication in Hand Job Literary Zine’s Anthology of writers from their first ten issues and we are already working closely with other authors to start designing and creating their visions. There are more works being planned too and we will release more information through here, Twitter and Instagram as these projects progress.

This venture is completely funded by ourselves so any support is gratefully received.

Hi Vis Press. Publishers of the unbound. The reflections from the darkness.


Publishers of the unbound